bcTool is an easy to use, free application to program, control and log Uniden Bearcat Dynamic Memory Scanners. Works with BC246T, SC230, BR330T, UBC3500XLT, BCT15, BCD396T, and BCD996T models.

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Welcome to bcTool

bcTool is designed to be a simple and easy to use application to help you program, control, log and configure your Uniden Bearcat Dynamic Memory Scanner.

Works with all DMA-based Uniden Bearcat scanners, including the BCD346XT, BCD396XT, BCD996XT, BCT15X, BC246T, SC230, BR330T, UBC3500XLT, BCT15, BCD396T, UBC800XLT and BCD996T - all using one application!

Latest Release: 2.0r28 ( (28th of November, 2010)

Latest News

03/10/2010 - bcTool Support

Need help with bcTool? Head on over to the new bcTool Tender Support System and start a discussion in public or private!

29/09/2010 - bcTool+ Professional Announced

bcTool+ Professional has been announced. This is a paid-for commercial edition of bcTool which will provide new features and advanced options going in to the future. A free cut-down version of bcTool+ will still be available. bcTool+ Professional will be available in approximately two weeks, but in the meantime you can register for your registration key so that you're ready to go as soon as it becomes available. Thank you all for your continued support of bcTool+!

20/09/2010 - bcTool+ Released!

bcTool+ has been released. This is a complete ground-up rewrite of bcTool which brings support for all of Uniden's latest models, massive improvements to performance, speed, stability and usability over original bcTool. Be aware that this release is very new and may have glitches and if you find anything unusual please just let me know!

Please also note that this website is now quite out of date - screenshots are for the old version, and although the look and feel are not significantly different, it is not identical. The site and documentation will be updated over the next few days.

28/06/2010 - Latest Updates

Things are really progressing now with the rewrite of bcTool. We're currently running alpha testing on specific features before readying bcTool for it's first closed beta test! Only a couple of major features need to be implemented now so watch this space for more updates in the coming days!

23/05/2010 - Twitter

bcTool now has it's own Twitter feed, @bctool. I'll be using this to provide much more up to date information about the progress of the rewrite, so if you're interested in being kept bang up to date, that's where to be!

10/05/2010 - Latest Updates

Although there's not been any updates on this site, the development of bcTool is continuing at pace. Work is ongoing on a complete ground-up rewrite of bcTool to bring support for new XT models, new features with updated Uniden firmwares, improved performance and even more stability. This is a mammoth task, but if you'd like to keep up with development status, please join the Yahoo! group. I hope to have more news on the release dates for beta and first releases in the next few weeks as development is nearing testing stages, finally!