bcTool is an easy to use, free application to program, control and log Uniden Bearcat Dynamic Memory Scanners. Works with BC246T, SC230, BR330T, UBC3500XLT, BCT15, BCD396T, and BCD996T models.


bcTool+ is the product of over one thousand hours of work, and is written by one developer. Although bcTool was originally freeware, it has cost a lot of money to develop it into bcTool+ and as such there are now two versions - one free, and one which costs money, bcTool+ Professional. There are some differences between the free and paid-for versions of bcTool+.

bcTool+ is currently still freeware, but you can purchase your upgrade license key now. This means I will ensure you have a license key in time for the first commercial release of bcTool+, so that you can get up and running straight away when it's released.

Thank you for supporting bcTool+. Your continued support keeps the development of bcTool+ going and provides funds that are used to purchase hardware and software used to develop bcTool+.

If you have previously donated to bcTool, and would like to use your donation towards the purchase of an upgrade key, please email me directly for a custom order link.

The cost for an upgrade key is £25 (GBP). This converts into somewhere around US$40, CAD$40, or €30. Bitcoin is also accepted.

If you'd like to pay using Bitcoin, please email me directly for my Bitcoin address. The cost is currently 8BTC for a licence (though I reserve the right to adjust this as the Bitcoin GBP markets adjust so will provide an accurate price when you email me), and I require 8 confirmations before the key will be sent.

You need to provide a valid email address along with your registration. This is the address you'd like your registration key sent to. Registration keys may take up to 24 hours to be issued.

Registered email address:

With your registration you will receive:

  • Future updates to bcTool+
  • A license key for bcTool Server, once it is complete and ready for use
  • Email support
  • Votes which can be used to influence future feature implementation
  • Early access to future releases and beta test editions