bcTool is an easy to use, free application to program, control and log Uniden Bearcat Dynamic Memory Scanners. Works with BC246T, SC230, BR330T, UBC3500XLT, BCT15, BCD396T, and BCD996T models.


Key features of bcTool

  • Programming support for all Uniden DMA scanners, including the latest XT models
  • One simple application to manage all of your scanners - maintain just one data file for all scanners
  • Automated logging in multiple formats for quick reference
  • Intelligent, multi-format recording with full customisation
  • Advanced recording features to provide unattended scanning, logging and recording
  • Complete 'remote control' of your scanner using Radio Control feature
  • Completely configure your scanner settings (broadcast screens, searches, weather, global lockouts etc) using bcTool
  • Fast visibility of last scanner activity and current scanner activity
  • Import your programming files from other popular scanner software
  • Progam searching and duplicate removal
  • Automatic duplex calculator for calculating mobile/base channels automatically (user customisable, ships with UK and US data files)
  • RadioReference.com Subscription Database support
  • Works under WINE on Linux and *BSD!


  • Coming Soon: bcTool Server
  • Provides full bcTool functionality and audio streaming over the internet
  • Set up your own audio streams so others can listen to your scanner
  • Allow friends to control and use your scanner
  • Allow others to program your scanner for you remotely
  • bcTool Server is currently in development, please join the Yahoo! Group to participate in testing!