bcTool is an easy to use, free application to program, control and log Uniden Bearcat Dynamic Memory Scanners. Works with BC246T, SC230, BR330T, UBC3500XLT, BCT15, BCD396T, and BCD996T models.


Need Help?

bcTool is provided with a full help system integrated. Work on this is still ongoing and the help documentation is regularly updated.

bcTool uses Tender as a support portal which allows you to raise support cases or participate in public support discussions to try and resolve issues. You can raise a new support discussion, check Knowledge Base and FAQ articles at the bcTool Tender site: bcTool Tender.

Alternatively, you're welcome to email the developer directly, rob@wasteground.co.uk or post on the bcTool Yahoo! Group.

I will try to get back to you as soon as possible, but please bear in mind I'm in the UK (GMT/UTC) timezone and this may result in delays in replying overnight. My aim is to reply to everything in less than 12 hours.